How to design homes for Joint & Big Families in Jaipur, India

How to design homes for Joint & Big Families

For a comfortable living in joint & big family homes, we request you to go through these important design & development ideas, trips & tricks suggested by the Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers of Urban Design Architects, Jaipur, India.

In India a big chunk of Joint and Large families are living in one big house, however this uncommon living style is now on a decline. Especially in tier one cities of India, Commune living style is an intentional community of people living together, sharing common interests, often having common values and beliefs, as well as shared property, possessions, resources, and, in some communes, work, income or assets. It may be challenging at times to share the house, spaces, or the rooms with unknown guests or between each other sometimes as privacy is also needed. Hence it is vitally important for urban design architects to design the architecture, construct, plan & design homes by keeping every family member’s needs, taste and preferences.

Mr. Dhruv Yadav and Mr. Vikas Baldodia of Urban Design Architects offer suggestions and services on how to design beautiful and perfect homes for Joint & Big Families in Jaipur, India.

Think about the tastes, preferences and needs of every family member

Before beginning the design or planning a joint family home in India, Have a discussion about what type of design the family members would like, what type of living style they need, what type of dining, entertainment or sitting spaces are important. It is obvious that there suggestions, opinions, likes, dislikes, preferences may vary but they have to come to a common decision mutually.

Develop logic of motion with the right fixtures & furnishings pieces.

The design of a joint family home requires a sense of circulation, where everyone, from the youngest person to the oldest, finds mobility within the home easy. This requires small amendments and considerations. “For instance, in a home with old people and infants, it’s important to keep the interiors clutter-free, so that it is easy to move around and enough spaciousness. Also, one should consider furniture that isn’t delicate or with sharp edges,” says Shilpa Jain Balvally.

Design a kitchen for every cooks in the family

Kitchen in the Joint family is an important, crucial yet is a high traffic area where normally more than two or three family members are working. In this type of situation, two or three cooking stations, Vegetable cutting stations, utensil washing stations and multiple counter tops are needed to avoid congestion. Multiple counter tops solves this situation and developing an island is a great idea as it gives extra space for anything to everything related to the kitchen whether cooking or eating.

Create congenial public spaces

More family members mean more of social, commune and get-togethers with a long list of regular guests in the family. They may be from Grand mom’s side, Grand father’s side, Son’s relatives, Daughter’s relatives, kids friends, family friends and what not. It is really advisable to have large furniture installations and some other small seating installations which con consume more and more people whether from the family or outsiders. It is important to have small seating units which can offer some privacy as well to the people.

Organize the dining space as per the family’s eating and dining lifestyle

We have seen that every joint family dines in differently. Some families enjoy a longer dining timings together and some have a preference to eat as per their own time and simplicity. In the first case, a smart, technical, designer and large dining table is a good idea but in the second case we had some clients requesting to have smaller dining units installed at multiple spaces like kitchen area, living area, bedrooms, lawns, TV rooms etc. So we thought to advise buffet tables or small tables with extension capabilities and hideaway chairs. I mean hidden dining units with extensions are preferable.

Design a shared bedroom that can evolve with growing children

The utmost fact to think before conceptualizing the children’s bedroom is the age group of all the siblings. The design, furniture and the layout should address the needs, expectations and preferences of that age. For the school going children we should install a single or multiple bunk beds vacating large empty space for playing. Develop a lot of storage cupboards for books, toys, musical instruments and sports equipment so they can easily identify and organize their room if kept untidy. The cupboards, shelves and cabinets have to be so effectively planned so none of the articles are left outside in the room and there should be space for everything.

If space allows, create private spaces and multipurpose areas

Living with each other in a joint family is always fun and carries its own magnetism and advantages but it is very important to have private spaces for married couples too. Creation of Window seats, Lounges in the balconies or foyers, reading rooms and relaxation rooms. These spaces can be designed with different material ideas such as colors, metals, fabrics, stones etc so that they offer aromatic and divine feelings.

It is important to have game play areas including sprawling lawns with different games equipment preferences. Family members enjoy together in these spaces, organize get together parties and role play games to feel inclusiveness assertively. Thanks for reading this article as per my thoughts.

I am Dhruv Yadav, The founder and CEO of Urban Design Architects which is a reputed Architect, Civil Engineering and Interior Designing company in Jaipur India. You can contact me on +91 9024874505